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Diurnal Wire-Free Security Cameras

Diurnal Wire-Free Security Cameras

Experience the easiest monitoring solution ever with Lorex's innovative Diurnal Wire-Free Security Camera Systems. Unlike other security cameras by Lorex, the new Diurnal wire-free security cameras are battery-operated, and require no cables to transmit video data back to the Digital Video Recorder (DVR) for storage. Without the hassle of cabling, placement options for wire-free cameras are virtually limitless. Unlike other 24/7 wired security camera systems, these wire-free systems are battery operated and start to record when they detect motion. Perfect for residential homes, both urban and rural, or even large properties like farms, these systems are an easy-to-use monitoring solution.

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Easy Installation

Diurnal Wire-Free Cameras are the perfect solution if you're looking for a hassle-free, motion-activated security system. Wire-free cameras are just that - wire-free. They don't require any complicated or lengthy cable runs to power them or to transmit data. Plus, the lack of cables gives you the flexiblity to place the cameras virtually anywhere you want or to even move them to different locations whenever you want.

No Monthly Fees

Once you purchase a Diurnal Wire-Free camera system, you won't have any further monthly fees for remote cloud storage. All recorded data is stored directly on the DVR.

Secure Local Recording

The DVR has a built-in security grade hard drive, so all video recordings are safely stored in your home where only you can access it.

Plug-in Hybrid

If you desire round-the-clock surveillance instead of motion-based detection, Diurnal Wire-Free cameras can be easily connected to an outlet using the included power adapter.

Upgradable Hard Drive

The 1TB security grade hard drive located in the DVR can save years of motion recording. You can also upgrade this hard drive to up to 6TBs.

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Long-Distance Wireless Range

With a clear line of sight, Diurnal Wire-Free Cameras can transmit data to the receiver up to 600ft away. This long-distance range allows for flexible placement options and is ideal for monitoring a variety of property types - including both urban or rural residential houses or even farms. This range is also excellent for monitoring detached buildings or placing along distant fence lines.

Motion Recording

Unlike wired security camera systems, the Diurnal Wire-Free cameras start recording only when movement is detected within the camera's field of view. Motion-based recording reduces the amount of stored video data on the hard drive since the cameras are not constantly recording 24/7.


Diurnal Wire-Free security cameras have a unique thermo-sensor that is designed to detect motion patterns from warm objects, such as people, animals, or even vehicles. When a warm body passes by, for instance, the ambient infrared energy levels will change rapidly and set off the motion sensor. At this point, the camera will "wake up" and automatically start recording video and audio. This type of sensor reduces the amount of false alarms, since it will not detect moving objects without heat patterns.

Lithium Ion Battery

Diurnal Wire-Free security cameras are powered by top-of-the-line lithium-ion battery power packs. These high capacity three-cell batteries are specifically designed for high-drain devices and can last up to six months before recharging. It is important to note that the placement of wire-free security cameras is directly related to the length of the battery life. Cameras in low-traffic areas will last longer, for example, as high traffic areas will "wake up" the cameras more often.

CamCast Connection

Lorex's exclusive CamCast technology will ensure your camera stays connected to the receiver. In the event of low signal strength or a lost connection, the cameras will automatically reconnect to the wireless receiver. Diurnal Wire-Free Cameras also use DSSS (Direct-Sequence Spread Spectrum) technology, which makes the signal "hop" around to different channels, creating a path only the paired receiver can follow. This not only prevents eavesdropping from outside sources, but also decreases interference from other competing wireless signals in the area.

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Capture Moments That Matter

First and foremost, security cameras need to capture evidence should an event occur on your property. But that's not all they can do. Everyday we hear about how Lorex security cameras caught a special or hilarious moment on video.

1080p HD Resolution

Diurnal Wire-Free Security Cameras record in pristine 1080p HD resolution with clear color depth - an absolute must in modern-day security systems. This high-quality resolution will help distinguish important details such as facial features, license plate numbers and other vital characteristics that can be used as evidence if required.

Ultra Wide Angle Lens

A 140° wide-angle lens is ideal for monitoring larger, open areas such as backyards or a front lawn. This wide range also allows the camera to detect motion earlier and capture more as the person or object that triggered the motion alert will remain on the screen for longer.

Smart Pixel Sensor

A smart pixel sensor at the core of the Diurnal Wire-Free camera features lower power consumption technology. It takes less pixels to process the images, so less voltage power is used, resulting in less power being used to produce HD quality footage.

Night Vision

Diurnal wire-free cameras come equipped with 6 LED lightbulbs. The LEDs project invisible infrared light in front of the camera that is reflected off solid objects or people up to 150ft away. This type of light, although invisible to the naked eye, can be detected by the camera's image sensor in order to record well-defined nighttime video.

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Two-Way Talk and Listen-in Audio

Not everything can be captured on video, which is why a security system with audio capabilities provides an extra level of coverage. The Diurnal Wire-Free Cameras come with two-way talk and listen-in audio, so you can hear audio along with your recorded video and talk through the cameras.

Powerful Speaker

There is a speaker found just beneath the lens on each Diurnal Wire-Free Security Camera. This speaker uses an advanced 2W (watt) driver and passive subwoofer to deliver clear and powerful sound with robust bass. Simply speak into a connected smart phone or tablet to communicate through the camera. This is a great way check up on the kids, give instructions to a delivery person, or talk to anyone stopping by your house.

Built-in Microphone

A microphone with sound echo cancellation and noise suppression will deliver a whole new level of security coverage. This feature can provide you with additional information, such as voices, that can be invaluable should an event take place on your property. The microphone also allows for users on the camera's end to communicate with you for two-way communication.

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Year-Round Security Coverage

Place Diurnal Wire-Free Cameras in the locations you need them most without worrying about the elements. They can continue to operate through heavy rainstorms, extreme snowfalls, blisteringly hot temperatures, and sub-zero freezing climates.

IP66 Rated

Diurnal Wire-Free Cameras have been tested in all types of weather conditions. They come certified with an IP66 rating, which essentially means that neither dust nor water can enter the security camera's enclosure.

Extreme Temperature Performance

Not only can these wire-free security cameras withstand adverse weather conditions, such as rain and snow, they also won't freeze in subzero temperatures (as low as -4°F / -20°C) and will not die in hot temperatures (as high as 122°F / 50°C).

Weatherproof Receiver

The receiver used to connect Diurnal Wire-Free Security Cameras is also fully weatherproof. This means that you can attach it to an exterior wall to maximize the wireless range for distant cameras. In cases like this, this weatherproof USB extension cable can help you extend the distance of the reciever from the DVR.

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Mobile Connectivity

Keeping an eye on your home or business is easy with the Lorex Cirrus mobile app. Using this app, you can quickly view live and recorded video from virutally anywhere in the world through your tablet or smartphone.

Event Timelines

The easy-to-read timeline feature within the mobile app will organize all motion events in chronological order for you, allowing you to quickly and easily review all past events.

Motion Zones - Coming Soon

An extremely important upcoming feature of the mobile app is that you will be able pick and choose the sections of the screen you want to monitor. With these smart motion zones, your wire-free cameras will start recording only when movement is detected in the selected motion zone. This will help preserve battery life and reduce the amount of unnecessary footage by only recording the more important areas of your home or property.

Motion Push Notifications

The mobile app can be programmed to send instant push notifications straight to your smartphone or tablet whenever motion is detected on your property. This invaluable feature will keep you informed of events that occur and allow you the chance to contact the authorities if needed.

Low Battery Warnings

When the battery of the camera reaches 20%, a push notification will be sent directly to your tablet or smartphone through the mobile app, reminding you that the batteries are running low and need to be recharged soon. You can also simply check the camera's battery life whenever you want by logging into the app.

Three Users at Once

The mobile app can be simultaneously accessed by up to three different users. That means other members of your family can log in and view live video, timeline events, recorded footage and much more without conflict.

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Standard or Professional - White or Black

The Wire-Free Diurnal Security Cameras come in four models - standard and profressional, which are available in both black and white versions. The most pronounced differences are in the material of the housing and night vision ranges. The standard versions (LWB4801 / LWB4901) are covered in a polycarbonate thermoplastic sheath and have a night vision range up to 100ft, while the pro versions (LWB5801 / LWB6801) have an aircraft grade aluminum alloy sheath that is highly resistant to vandalism and corrosion and night vision ranges up to 150ft.

These individual models will all be available for purchase from our website in near future. For now, please see the complete system bundles for sale below.

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