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The future of security monitoring with Lorex Secure app and Lorex Cloud plans

Lorex Cloud Subscription Plans

Exclusive to our Lorex Secure app

Our Lorex Secure app for smartphones and tablets is the latest example of how Lorex strives to provide customers with innovative security solutions. Not only is it our most user-friendly app to date, it is an absolute powerhouse. Each system or device compatible with this app includes a free Lorex Cloud Subscription (defaulted to channel 1 on your DVR / NVR). This plan includes limited cloud storage and video history for all motion events for one camera. Upgrade this plan to a Premium Lorex Cloud Subscription Plan to receive 30 days cloud storage, 30 days video history for motion events, and more. You can also add further Lorex Cloud Subscription Plans for your other cameras as well. Learn more about the differences between these two plans and discover how a Premium Plan can truly revolutionize the way you monitor your property.

Control your security system with your phone

Take control with your phone

You may never need to touch your security recorder ever again. You can accomplish virtually anything straight from your smartphone or tablet with our Lorex Secure app and a Lorex Cloud Premium subscription.

Lorex Cloud Features

Every Lorex Cloud subscription (free and premium) provides you with mobile features such as live remote viewing, motion / sound alerts, and private mode functionality. Other features are also available to free subscriptions with limitations.

Lorex Cloud history - automatically keeps a record of all motion activity

Cloud History

Timelines of motion and sound activity will be automatically uploaded to the cloud.

storage redundancy with Lorex Cloud storage

Cloud Storage

Security video footage will automatically be uploaded and stored in the cloud.

RapidRecap - see more watch less


Customize timeframes to compile security footage into a short video summary.

Security system motion activated history

Cloud History - Keep track of everything

Sometimes things go unnoticed for weeks. Or perhaps you were away from your house for a few days. Thankfully, the Lorex Secure app keeps track of all motion and sound activity using easy-to-read timelines.

Sort timelines by week, day, hour, or minute to help pinpoint the moment you're looking for. From there, simply upload a video clip or snapshot image to the cloud for storage.

Store security footage to cloud storage

Cloud Storage - Record everything

Customize your Lorex Secure app to automatically upload your security footage directly to the cloud. This allows you to always have your security footage right at your fingertips.

With cloud storage, you can keep your security footage in two places at once. This can be extremely helpful if your recorder or device is stolen during an intrusion or if your local storage should ever falter.

Revolutionary RapidRecap from Lorex

RapidRecap® - See more, watch less

You won't have to scour through hours and hours worth of footage ever again with our innovative RapidRecap® feature. RapidRecap® compiles all of the motion activity within a customized timeframe into a short video. Each moving images on the screen also includes a timestamp so you can see when exactly it happened. This allows you to quickly find the exact minute in your cloud history if you need to extract a video or snapshot.

Lorex Cloud™ Subscription Plans (PER CHANNEL)

All Lorex devices using the Lorex Secure app come with a free Lorex Cloud Basic Plan (defaulted to Channel 1 for DVR and NVRs). This plan, along with additional plans for your other cameras, can be upgraded to a Lorex Premium Plan on a monthly basis or purchased annually for the best value.

Free Lorex Cloud account



Recording & video history up to 2 days

10 GB


Stores 10 GB of video recordings up to two days



Receive a total of three RapidRecaps per month

8 HR


8-hour RapidRecap videos from within the past 2 days


Premium Lorex Cloud account



Recording & video history up to 30 days



Stores all your video recordings for 30 days



Create unlimited RapidRecap videos

12 HR


12-hour RapidRecap videos, within the past 7 days

$6.99 / MONTH | $69.99 / YEAR

Currently Compatible With

The maximum amount of subscriptions you can add depends on the total amount of security cameras / channels that your device can use. For stand-alone products, such as the Lorex Secure WiFi Security Camera, a new subscription plan will need to be purchased for every new device.



Maximum Subscriptions per Device



Maximum Subscriptions per Device



Maximum Subscriptions per Device



Maximum Subscriptions per Device



Maximum Subscriptions per Device



Maximum Subscriptions per Device



Maximum Subscription per Device




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How to purchase a Premium Lorex Cloud Subscription

Follow these simple steps to purchase a Premium Plan and revolutionize your security monitoring.