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Lorex Secure App

Lorex Secure
Mobile App

Stay connected with the Lorex Secure™ App. With instant live viewing, motion push notifications, cloud recording, and many other countless features, you can go wherever life takes you without worry.

live viewing icon
Live Viewing
/ Playback

See what your cameras see (or saw) from anywhere.

list icon
Motion Event

Sort recordings and events on a single easy-to-read timeline.

notification icon
Motion Push

Receive customizable mobile push notifications for motion events.

save icon
Save Video

Download videos / images to your app.

group icon
Group Favorite

Create different groups of selected cameras to monitor together.

privacy icon
Easy Privacy

Easily stop the recording of any camera with a single tap.

system settings icon

Easily adjust individual camera settings.

ptz contols icon
PTZ Camera

Control the field of view of Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras.

rapidrecap icon

Watch up to twelve hours of motion activity in just minutes.

cloud storage icon
Cloud Storage

Back-up recordings with a Lorex Cloud Subscription.

secure live viewing

Live View & Recorded Playback

By connecting the Lorex Secure app to your security recorder or camera, you can quickly view exactly what is happening on your property at any time from your mobile device. The Lorex Secure app also allows you to watch previously recorded video from wherever life takes you.

motion event timeline

Motion Event Timeline

The Lorex Secure App keeps track of motion activity, and organizes them into individual events, using easy-to-read timelines. Each cameras has its own timeline, and timelines can be sorted by week, day, hour and even minute. You can even use timelines to generate RapidRecap videos from specific periods of time.

instant push notifications

Instant Push Notifications

Know exactly when a camera senses motion with mobile push notifications. Custom push notification settings make it easy to control the motion sensor sensitivity and which of your security cameras to send alerts for. This can be particularly useful in certain situations (high-traffic areas, for example).

save files and snapshots

Save Important Video Files

Did something funny happen? Or something serious? Manually download important videos or snapshots directly to the app. Not only does this preserve a copy of the moment(s), it also allows you to quickly retrieve them and easily share it with family, friends, or the authorities.

privacy mode

Privacy Mode

Lorex Secure allows you to stop recording on any channel. This is a first for DVR and NVR security systems. In the past, you would need to enter your security recorder settings to stop recording on a certain channel. That is not the case anymore. Easily accomplish this straight from your phone.

camera settings

Camera Settings

Many camera and system settings are available to be adjusted to your liking right from the Lorex Secure App. Camera resolution, recording options, cloud storage, audio recording, are all options that can be changed right from your mobile device.


Group Favorite Cameras Together

group favourite cameras together


Lorex Secure lets you create custom groups of cameras. For example, you can easily separate your home and business cameras with this feature.


Select a number of Lorex Secure compatible cameras and devices, including Lorex security cameras and WiFi Security Cameras.


View all of your selected cameras on a single screen. This handy feature allows for quick reference and monitoring.

rapid recap

Rapid Recaps

Review the events of an entire day in a minute thanks to our RapidRecap videos. This feature combines your security footage into a short video summary. It works by superimposing motion-triggered events onto your screen simultaneously, while showing the time that it occurred.

PTZ controls

PTZ Controls

Controlling PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) cameras has never been easier than with the Lorex Secure App. Simple taps and drags on your mobile device's screen allows you to have full control of the field of view and positioning of the camera.

lorex cloud subscription plans

Lorex Cloud™ Subscription Plans

The Lorex Secure™ App allows you to save security footage directly to your Lorex Cloud account. Select Lorex devices come with a free Lorex Cloud Basic plan that includes 2-day video backup or up to 10 gigabytes of cloud storage (this Basic plan for DVR and NVRs will default to Channel 1). If more storage is needed, you can sign up for a Lorex Cloud Premium plan for unlimited storage, and more.

Lorex Secure Tutorial
RapidRecap Features

How do I install the Lorex Secure App?

Follow these simple steps to install the app on your mobile device, and start monitoring your cameras from virtually anywhere in the world.

Download Lorex Secure App for iphone or android


Get the Lorex Secure App from the App Store® or Google Play™.

Sign-up for Lorex CLoud account for free 10 GB or security back-up storage


Use your email to set-up your Lorex Secure App account.

Easy-to-install security app


Scan the QR code on your Lorex recorder or your WiFi camera.

view live feeds and recorded playback on Lorex Secure App app for smartphones and tablets


The live view of each connected camera will appear.


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