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Nocturnal 4K Ultra HD Security Cameras from Lorex

Lorex Nocturnal Security Cameras

Nocturnal security cameras from Lorex offer 4K Ultra HD resolution, long range infrared and Color Night Vision, as well as the highest weatherproof ratings available (IP67). Dressed in black or white aluminum, these cameras are highly vandal resistant and can be used in discreet (black) or highly visible (white) ways. Available in both bullet and dome models, Nocturnal cameras are just what you need to protect your property and your family.

4K Ultra HD resolution Nocturnal Security camera

Ultra HD

Nocturnal security cameras use an 8.5MP image sensor that delivers exceptionally detailed 4K Ultra HD resolution video and incomparable low-light performance.

Nocturnal Color Night Vision

Infrared and
Color Night Vision

Nocturnal security cameras have the longest night vision ranges available. With the help of external lighting, these cameras will also record in full color all night long.

Nocturnal high dynamic range HDR

High Dynamic
Range (HDR)

Using HDR technology, Nocturnal security cameras will automatially adjust the lighting in certain spots to ensure no areas are too overexposed or too dark to see details.

Nocturnal cameras with HEVC H.265 compression

High Efficiency
Video Coding (HEVC)

Keep the 4K footage without the 4K file size. HEVC is used by Nocturnal cameras to drastically compress video file sizes without any noticable difference in quality.

Full metal security cameras

Full Metal

Heavy-duty aluminum exteriors not only provide additional protection against vandalism, they will extend the life-cycle so you can count on years of uninterupted service.

Nocturnal IP67 extreme weather security cameras

Extreme Temperature

Nocturnal security cameras are rated IP67. This is the highest rating we offer and means that they can endure all types of weather, including both freezing cold and scorching hot temperatures.

Specialty Nocturnal Security Cameras

30fps real-time nocturnal security cameras


Don't miss a moment with our Real-Time 4K Nocturnal Security Cameras. With 30 frames recorded within each second, the on-screen movement will look like you are witnessing events in real life.

Listen-in audio monitoring

Listen-in Audio

Add another layer of security coverage with our Nocturnal Motorixed Varifocal Dome Audio security cameras. Adding audio can add valuable information (such as voices) to your security system.

motorized varifocal nocturnal security cameras

Motorized Varifocal
Zoom Lens

Varifocal cameras are able to zoom in and out using their optical zoom lens. Optical zooms mean that no video quality is lost when you are zoomed in, making these cameras extremely versatile.

Nocturnal Security Cameras from Lorex
Diurnal Security Cameras from Lorex

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