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Active Deterrence Security Cameras

Active Deterrence Security Cameras

The main purpose of a security camera is to catch evidence in the unfortunate event of a break in. However, it's quite obvious that the camera itself doesn't actually prevent the incident from occurring in the first place, but it would be nice if it did. This is where the newest line of Lorex security cameras comes into play. Realizing that security systems have traditionally been more reactive than proactive, our team of experts have crafted a new type of camera with active deterrence features - a bright LED light and remote-triggered siren - that were made to ward off intruders before any damage is done.

Active Deterrence LED Floodlights

LED Floodlights

The LED light has multiple program settings, which can be customized to your preferences. You can have the light on at all times, manually activated or triggered by motion. Whenever the camera senses movement, the light will turn on automatically if you've selected the motion-triggered setting. If you've chosen the manually activated setting, you can remotely access the camera and turn the light on yourself.

Active Deterrence Siren

Remote Triggered Siren

Unlike the LEDs, the siren is not triggered automatically. This is because it is quite loud and we don't want to wake up you or your neighbours for false alarms. Instead, the siren must be activate remotely from either the Lorex app, or in some cases, the button on the front of your DVR or NVR. So if you happen to receive a motion push notification through the app, you can quickly check the motion and, if necessary, trigger the alarm to scare the unwanted person from your property.

Active Deterrence Security camera LED lights

Stop Crime Before It Happens

These new features give users something that has been very much lacking when it comes to surveillance systems - control. With a regular security camera, receiving a motion alert meant you really had only one option, which is to alert the authorities if necessary. While this is never a bad option, these new cameras allow you to decide what course of action to take, no matter where you are. Instead of reacting to a situation after it has already happened, the LED light and siren provide an extra level of defense and prevention for your home or business.