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different types of motion detection lorex

Different Types of Motion Detection

When purchasing a security system, there are various factors that need to be taken into consideration. Obviously, features play an important role, depending on what your needs are. However, there may be certain features that sound the same but are different, which causes some confusion for buyers. Take, for example, motion detection. Lorex security systems always feature motion detection. Some newer systems, however, can also feature advanced motion detection and smart motion detection. They all sound similar, but there are specific differences. To help clear the air, we've provided a little breakdown on the different types of motion detection that Lorex products offer.

Standard motion Detection

Standard Motion Detection

All Lorex systems or stand alone cameras include standard motion detection capabilities. Standard motion detection has the ability to sense a differentiation of pixels as an object moves across the camera's viewpoint. Systems with standard motion will pick up on all types of movement, regardless of whether it's a person, vehicle, animal, or object. Users can always customize motion detection through their recorder (or in some cases the corresponding app) with specific motion zones, which can be customized with lower or heightened sensitivity (the amount of motion needed to register that movement) and threshold (how much motion is needed before creating a motion "event").

PIR passive infrared motion detection

PIR Motion Detection

PIR, or Passive Infrared, motion detection sensors are used by our wire-free cameras. This sensor is designed to detect moving heat signatures. So it will detect things that emit a lot of heat, such as cars, people, and animals.

advanced motion detection

Advanced Motion Detection

With advanced motion detection, things start to get a little bit more precise. Devices with advanced motion detection will send notifications whenever movement is caused by either a person or vehicle. This helps reduce the number of unwanted motion alerts caused by animals or random inanimate objects. However, it must be noted that even with advanced motion, the system cannot distinguish between a vehicle or person.

smart motion detection

Smart Motion Detection

At this point in time, this is the most advanced form of motion detection available and delivers even more detailed security. Systems with smart motion detection send intelligent notifications because they can distinguish movement between people and vehicles while providing separate alerts for both.

push notification motion detection for mobile

Stay Connected - No Matter Where You Are

Here at Lorex, motion detection is only one of the many features our security devices offer that help protect your home or business. In the end, motion detection is extremely important as it will help you stay informed of motion activity around your property and, more importantly, provide you with valuable seconds should you need to contact the authorities. These newer versions of motion detection with vehicle and person AI detection are designed to decrease the amount of false alarms and, therefore, the amount of push notifications to your phone. So stay connected with Lorex's top-of-the-line motion detection technology and always be-in-the-know - no matter where your life takes you.