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Lorex Cirrus App

Lorex Cirrus
Mobile App

Staying connected to your home and loved ones from anywhere in the world has never been easier. The Lorex Cirrus App for Lorex Wire-Free security systems is both powerful and user-friendly. It comes with many amazing features that allow you to access and configure your security system directly from the palm of your hands.

live remote viewing security camera app

Live Remote Viewing and Recorded Playback

With the help of the Lorex Cirrus app, your home will always be within reach. Browse through recorded footage or view live video from your cameras to ensure everything is as it should be. Compatible with most smartphones and tablets, this user-friendly app keeps you connected no matter where you are.

Cirrus motion event timeline screenshot

Easy-to-read Motion Event Timeline

All motion events are timestamped and listed chronologically, so you can easily find specific moments without scrolling through countless hours of footage. The Lorex Cirrus app will create a timeline for each camera, and the timelines can be arranged by week, day, hour or minute.

Cirrus push notifications

Push Notifications for Motion Events

Program the app to send instant alerts directly to your smartphone whenever movement is detected on your property. Each camera can be individually customized, so you can choose which cameras will send motion alerts by adjusting the motion sensitivity settings.

Cirrus security camera settings screenshot

Customize Camera Settings

Modify camera settings directly from your smartphone or tablet and make the necessary adjustments with the tap of a button. Start/stop recording for individual cameras, change the notification settings, adjust the resolution and more.

save videos Cirrus app

Save Important Moments To Your Device

Lorex Cirrus lets you download and save important video files straight to the app. This guarantees you have an extra copy of your footage for quick future reference or to send to friends and family.

Cirrus app two way talk screenshot

Speak through the Camera

Use the app to communicate through the camera to whoever is on the other end. With this feature, you can easily greet the kids as they come home from school or ask the delivery person to just leave the parcel at the door. This feature can also serve as a deterrent to help rid your property of any unwanted visitors.

Cirrus motion zones screenshot

Customizable Motion Zones

There may be certain areas on your property that you want to focus on more than others, such as the front or back doors. With the Lorex Cirrus app, you can establish motion zones around those particular spots and modify the settings within each zone to make it more or less sensitive to motion detection.


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