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Systems & Accessories

Not sure where to start? Find the right security system by learning more about our products and the technology that powers them.

The Lorex Home Center

The Lorex Home Center is the cornerstone of your smart home security eco-system. It is easy, versatile, secure, and unlike anything else on the market.


Security Cameras

Lorex offers a wide range of security cameras to meet your needs. Browse our different models to find the perfect security camera for you.

Our security cameras are seperated into four different types of technology:

Security NVR recorder banner

Security Recorders

Our advance security NVRs (Network Video Recorders) and DVRs (Digital Video Recorders) are the cornerstones of any security system.

There are three main types of security recorders:


Basic Security Recorder Functions

As the backbone of your security system, Lorex recorders are built for the high demands of 24/7 surveillance.


Lorex recorders come with pre-installed hard drives that automatically store video footage. Once full, the hard drives will automatically start deleting the oldest footage to make room for the newest footage.


Despite popular belief, it is actually the NVRs and DVRs that detect motion. The recorders analyze every pixel recorded, and will notice the moment the pixels change as something or someone enters the view.


Easily check in on your home security cameras from anywhere in the world by connecting your recorder to a Lorex app. These apps also provide you with 24/7 access to video (live or recorded) and easy-to-read motion event timelines.


Program your recorder to send you instant push notifications or email alerts directly to your smartphone or tablet anytime motion is detected on your property. This ensure you always stay in-the-know of events occuring on your property.

Security Systems Products

Security Systems

Lorex has plenty of different surveillance systems for you - whether it's a small two-camera system or a large 32-camera system.

We have pre-assembled plenty of security camera system options for you. These surveillance systems include everything you need to get your security system up and running.


Find the Best Security System For You

Picking the right system for you can be a difficult decision. So before selecting, ask yourselves these questions:

How Many Cameras?

The amount of channels a security recorder has available is the total amount of security cameras that a recorder can accomodate.

Maximum Resolution?

The resolution indicates the amount of pixels recorded. Wired NVR / DVRs can record up to 4K, which will give you the highest quality video.

Night Vision Range?

Some security cameras have longer night vision ranges than others. Some options even include our Color Night Vision Technology.

Speciality Cameras?

Some systems include speciality cameras, such as PTZ, audio, or even IK10 vandal-proof cameras that are ideal for "within-reach" installations.

Lorex Accessories products


Lorex offers a wide range of security camera cables and surveillance accessories to meet your specific situation.


LorexCare Extended Warranty

All Lorex products purchased from come with a standard 1-year warranty, but we also offer extended warranties for up to a maximum of 5 years. A LorexCare Extended Warranty can be purchased during checkout or up to 60 days after the initial purchase.


Under a Lorex warranty, we will repair any camera or recorder that is found to be defective.


Any defective part or piece that cannot be fixed will be replaced at no cost.


There are no surprise charges for replacement parts or any labor associated with repairs.

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