Extension cables for security cameras and systems

Security Camera Extension Cables

How to increase the range of MPX and IP security systems

Lorex offers two different types of wired HD security camera systems - Analog MPX and Digital IP. Each type of system uses different technologies to provide high-definition video. The type and length of extension cables you can use depend on the type of system you have.


Digital IP

Digital IP systems use CAT5 or CAT5e (or higher) ethernet cabling to connect IP cameras to the network or a Network Video Recorder (NVR). This cable simultaneously transmits video and audio (if applicable) to the NVR and provides power to the camera.


Connect Cat5 cable directly to a Network Video Recorder

IP security system diagram

Extend video and power up to 300ft. 300ft, 200ft, 100ft, and 60ft UL rated in-wall and fire resistant Cat5e extension cables are available for purchase from Lorex.

PoE switch

Connect IP cameras to a network using a PoE switch and router

PoE switch diagram

For distances longer than 300ft, connect cameras to an accessory PoE switch with the help of your router. Add another PoE switch for more distance.


Connect IP cameras directly to your router (power separately)

IP security camera diagram

Extend camera up to 300ft from a router. You must connect the power adapter directly to the camera if the router does not support PoE. *Power adapter sold separately

An RJ45 coupler can also be used to connect two short (100ft maximum) network cables together.

Analog MPX

MPX security cameras transmit high-definition analog video over shielded or RG59 (or higher) BNC cables to a Digital Video Recorder (DVR). Lorex offers siamese BNC cables, which split into two ends, one for video and one for power.


RG59 coaxial siamese extension cable up to 300ft / 90m (video and power)

250ft, 200ft, 120ft, 100ft, and 60ft RG59 siamese coaxial cables are available for purchase from Lorex


RG59 coaxial extension cable up to 800ft / 242m (video only)

Extend the video signal up to 800ft using a single run of RG59 cable. Longer cable runs are available from building supply stores.*


Attach a BNC coupler to connect two separate BNC extension cables

Use a BNC coupler to connect two 60ft or two 100ft cables. The camera may have to be plugged into a power source.

*The extension cable must be a single stretch of cable between the DVR and camera.

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