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Home Security Camera

Security Cameras

As a world leader in DIY home security systems, Lorex can help set your mind at ease when you're not around. With unrivalled video performance and powerful motion detection, our sleek cameras will help ensure everything is as it should be at home - inside and out.

Indoor Security Cameras

Security Cameras

Your house provides warmth and sanctuary. So protect the people and things within with an indoor home security solution.

Indoor Security Cameras


Know who is coming and going through your front door, even talk to them, with a Wi-Fi doorbell.

Outdoor Security Cameras

Security Cameras

Let Lorex be your first line of defense when it comes to protecting your home with an outdoor security solution.

indoor security camera solutions banner

Lorex Indoor Home Security Camera Solutions

The vast majority of Lorex security cameras can be used either indoors or outdoors. Some cameras, however, are obviously far more suited to use indoors. Indoor cameras are typically smaller with white exteriors, which helps them blend into the aesthetic better.

Popular indoor locations include:

Home security cameras for doors and windows
Doors and

Effectively monitor doorways or windows that could be used as potential entry points for intruders.

Security cameras for home hallways and staircases
Hallways and

Position cameras in high traffic areas to provide excellent coverage without invading privacy.

Home cameras to protect high value items
High Value

Cover objects (such as safes or jewelry boxes) that would attract the attention of a burglar.

WiFi security camera

Wi-Fi Cameras

The most straightforward and easy-to-use indoor monitoring solution is a stand-alone Wi-Fi camera. These cameras easily connect to your home Wi-Fi and feature powerful HD video, crisp night vision, two-way audio, and advanced motion detetction capabilities.

wireless security cameras

Wire-Free Systems

Avoid running video cables through your house with one of our wire-free options. These battery-operated cameras transmit video wirelessly to a receiver connected to the DVR.

wired IP security cameras analog MPX HD security cameras

Wired Systems

If you are adding both indoor and outdoor cameras to your home, a wired solution might be right for you. Both Digital IP (ethernet cabling) and Analog MPX (BNC cabling) systems have a wide range of camera options to suit your needs, including dome, bullet, or even minature dome styles. MPX systems can also incorporate wireless cameras.

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Lorex Video Doorbell

Know who is coming and going through your front door with a smart Wi-Fi doorbell. Using existing doorbell wiring, Lorex doorbells are an easy monitoring solution. They feature 1080p resolution, wide-angle lenses, infrared night vision, and two-way talk. Wi-Fi doorbells also include local microSD storage, which provides total privacy and avoids costly monthly cloud storage plans.

Lorex wifi doorbell motion detection settings

Know Before They Knock

Be aware of any visitors before they even get to the door thanks to the doorbell's motion detection technology. Use the app's built-in PIR motion area settings to customize the detection area in front of the doorbell to adjust how far away you want it to notify you of motion.

Lorex wifi doorbell motion detection settings


The moment someone rings your doorbell, you will instantly get a Lorex Home notification to the home screen of your phone.

Lorex wifi doorbell motion detection settings


Clicking on that notification will automatically open up the app and then show you a video feed and the option to answer or decline.

Lorex wifi doorbell motion detection settings


Regardless of what you choose, the encounter will always be recorded for future refernce.

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Lorex Outdoor Home Security Camera Solutions

An outdoor security camera serves as your first line of defence against home intrusions. All Lorex security cameras come with at least an IP65 weather rating. In fact, some of our top-of-the-line cameras even come with an IP67 weather rating, which provides the best protection against adverse weather conditions.

Popular outdoor locations include:

outdoor entranceway security cameras for doors and windows

Ensure to cover main doorways and other easy points of entrance to your house. Most intrusions occur through the front, back, or side doors.

outdoor perimeter security cameras

Large areas, like your front yard, backyard, and the sides of your house are easily monitored by installing security cameras up high.

Outdoor driveway security cameras

Cars are easy targets for criminals. So make sure you have a camera pointed directly at your driveway or other important outdoor objects of value.

Digital IP Camera Systems

Wi-Fi Cameras and Floodlight Cameras

Outdoor Wi-Fi cameras and Floodlight security cameras are easy outdoor monitoring solutions for your home. Simply plug them in (or install them using the existing outdoor lighting fixture wiring), pair them with our mobile app, and you'll be ready to start monitoring. Wi-Fi cameras include local microSD storage, which provides total privacy and avoids costly monthly cloud storage plans.

Digital IP Camera Systems

Digital IP Camera Systems

Wired IP cameras are perfect for outdoor monitoring, especially for high-traffic areas. They have the longest color night vision ranges, the highest resolution (4K) and provide around-the-clock surveillance. Select IP security systems can also support up to 32 cameras. If you have a larger home, business or any other type of commercial unit, consider investing in an IP system to help keep you protected.

MPX Wired / Wireless Systems

MPX Wired / Wireless Systems

MPX security cameras offer versatile monitoring, especially for wider areas and detached buildings. MPX cameras use a siamese cable (two connected cables - one video and one power) to connect to a DVR (Digital Video Recorder). This allows you to plug your cameras in close to the DVR and not at the location of the camera. The length of the video signal can be extended up to 800ft, but the camera will need to be plugged in directly at that distance. MPX systems can also incorporate wireless security cameras into the system.

Wire-Free Systems

Wire-Free Systems

Wire-Free cameras are battery-operated, offer effortless installation and are simple to use. They can be installed practically anywhere on your property, giving you endless placement options. Better-suited for low-traffic areas, these cameras connect to a wireless receiver that is attached to a specific DVR and only start recording once motion is detected.

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