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Pet Monitoring Solutions

Whether you're training a new puppy or checking on your best friend, Lorex can help you keep you in touch with your furry companions.


Popular Pet Monitoring Solutions:

Lorex wi-fi pet security solutions

Wi-Fi Cameras

Wi-Fi cameras are perfect for pet monitoring, especially indoor monitoring. They can be placed virtually anywhere and can be easily moved. Some models can also be installed outdoors, so you can see what your pets are doing while they play in the backyard. This type of camera easily connects to your home Wi-Fi network and records video to an on-board microSD card.

Lorex wired pet security solutions

Wired Security Solutions

If you need multiple cameras, then a wired pet solution may be right for you. Wired cameras, though typically installed in outdoor locations, will unquestionably help you keep tabs on your pets around the house. A wired system includes either a DVR or NVR with a large hard drive to store recorded footage. Wired cameras will also provide a higher level of home security as well.


Important Pet Monitoring Features:

Both Wi-Fi and Wired options include features that will help you keep an eye on your pets while you're home and while you're away.

Live Video and Playback

Look in to see what your pets are up to whenever or wherever you like using your phone or tablet.

HD Resolution

Make sure you can see exactly what your pets are up to with 1080p, 2K, or 4K high definition resolutions.

Night Vision

Infrared or Color Night Vision will help you see your pets in the backyard at night or in a dark living room.

Weather Resistance

Some Wi-Fi models can be used outdoors. Wired cameras, however, have higher weatherproof ratings.

Smart Detection

Skip the motion notifications triggered by your pet with smart person and vehicle only detection.

Deterrence Spotlight

The motion-activated spotlight on Active Deterrence cameras can also be used to help your pets move in the dark.

Two-Way Audio

All Wi-Fi cameras, and some wired cameras, come with two-way audio so you can commnicate with your pets.

No Monthly Fees

Whether recording to a microSD (Wi-Fi) or to a recorder (wired), there are never any additional fees.

Pet video monitoring solutions

Part of the Family

We spend a lot of time outside our homes, and by extension, away from our loving four-legged friends. Thanks to a Lorex pet monitoring solution, you'll never wonder what your pet is up to when you're at work. Their (mis)adventures won't be a secret anymore now that you can see if they get into the trash or decide to steal some snacks.


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