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Pet video monitoring solutions by Lorex
Lorex LNC100 Series IP camera

Lorex Pet Monitoring Solutions

While we go about our busy days, we are separated from some of our most precious family members – our pets! Whether you’re training a new puppy or checking on your best friend, Lorex’s selection of video monitoring solutions keep you in touch with your furry companion.

Bug your pug

Bug your Pug

Ever wonder what your pet gets up to while you’re at work? Lorex IP cameras provide high-resolution video of your furry friend’s adventures for you to check on at any time. Whether your companion is addicted to curtains or simply can’t stop stealing, Lorex pet monitors help solve mysteries and catch perpetrators red-pawed!

Two-way Talk

Training a new pet can be challenging when you’re not there to monitor their behavior. With our advanced two-way talk feature using an integrated microphone and speaker, you can praise or discipline your new pet from anywhere. You can also listen to your pet to make sure they don’t whimper and cry while you’re away.

Check in on your pets with easy-to-use software for computers and mobile devices

Flexible Remote Viewing

Our IP cameras are optimized for remote viewing over the Internet, and can be viewed using a smartphone, tablet or computer. Easily move the camera around the house to monitor your pet’s latest stomping ground, or take the camera to a friend’s house while they pet-sit for you. Stay connected with free apps and camera management software.

Easy recording to capture your pet's finest moments

Record Video and Audio

Let’s be honest – you spend far too much time searching for funny animal videos online. Why not cut out the middle-man and go straight to the source? Record or take a snapshot of your pet on the fly, or record automatically with audio-trigger function whenever your pet makes a sound. Our microSD compatible IP camera stores up to 16GB of footage, making it easy to upload your pet’s finest moments.

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