Business Security

Business Security

Lorex has a wide range of high-performance security cameras and systems that will help protect your business or facility.

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Lorex Commercial Security Camera Solutions

With the help of a Lorex security system, you don't have to physically be there to verify that things are running smoothly. Check in at any time to keep tabs on major shipments and deliveries, customer traffic, daily operations and more. A security camera system is also a deterrent and provides invaluable information if an incidence happens to occur on site.

Popular commercial security camera locations include:

commercial entrance and open areas security camera solutions

Entrances & Open Areas

Monitor major points of entry and large areas to cover the most high-traffic areas.

Hallway and staircase security camera monitoring

Hallways & Staircases

Provide peace-of-mind and protection to employees as they walk through major routes or closed areas.

Perimeter parking lots security camera solutions

Perimeter & Parking Lots

Monitor outdoor activity and ensure the saftey of your employees as they walk to and from their cars.

hazerdous areas commercial security cameras

Potenitally Hazardous Areas

Areas containing heavy machinery or toxic materials deserve extra attention to make sure all is well.

small business security camera solutions

Lorex Small Business Security Camera Solutions

Owning a small business is a 24/7 job - managing employees, balancing finances, purchasing supplies, preventing theft and so on. Take some of the stress off your shoulders by investing in a Lorex security camera system, so you can focus on growing your business and keeping your customers happy.

Popular small business locations include:

small business security entrances and windows

Entranceways & Windows

Keep an eye on traffic flow around busy entranceways and large windows.

security cameras for cash registers safes

Cash Registers & Locked Safes

Positioning a camera near cash registers and safes will help keep track of your money.

retail security camera solutions

Low Visibility Areas

A visibly placed camera in areas that you can't see can help deter any illicit activity.

employee back room security camera solutions

Back Rooms / Inventory

Ensure your business operations are running smoothly while protecting yourself from unwarranted theft.

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