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Business Security Solutions

Security Cameras

Building a successful business from scratch involves a lot of hard work and perseverance - so reward yourself with some well-earned peace of mind. Whether you own a single storefront or multiple warehouses across the globe, Lorex has a wide range of high-performance security camera systems that will help protect your business, no matter how big or small.

Commercial Security Camera Solutions

Security Solutions

Monitoring commercial properties such as larger businesses, farms or warehouses comes with its own unique challenges. Lorex offers plenty of security solutions to help serve those needs.

Small Business Security Camera Solutions

Small Business
Security Solutions

Owning a café, restaurant, retail shop or any other type of small business still requires a lot of work. Take some of the stress off your shoulders with the help of a Lorex security system.

thermal handheld screening camera
Handheld Thermal Temperature Monitoring Camera

Promotes non-contact and rapid temperature measurement of individuals and will alert you to any temperature anomalies. Great for on-the-go public use.

commercial security cameras banner

Lorex Commercial Security Camera Solutions

With the help of a Lorex security system, you don't have to physically be there to verify that things are running smoothly. Check in at any time to keep tabs on major shipments and deliveries, customer traffic, daily operations and more. A security camera system is also a deterrent for potential thieves and provides invaluable information if an incidence happens to occur on site.

Popular commercial security camera locations include:

commercial entrance and open areas security camera solutions
Entrances and
Open Areas

Monitor major points of entry to ensure that no suspicious activity falls under the radar.

Hallway and staircase security camera monitoring
Hallways and

Watch over busy areas throughout the day, as they offer plenty of coverage for prospective criminals.

Perimeter parking lots security camera solutions
Perimeter and
Parking Lots

Monitor outdoor activity and ensure the saftey of your employees as they walk to and from their cars.

hazerdous areas commercial security cameras
Potenitally Hazerdous

Keep your employees safe at all times, especially if the job requires handling heavy machinery or toxic materials.

Wired 4K security camera systems

Wired 4K Systems

Experience Ultra HD resolution and flawless images with a wired 4K security system. The technology behind this powerful system results in pristine video footage with realistic contrast, color representation and smooth, natural movement - even in darker settings. Well-suited for large-scale surveillance, thanks to some amazing features such as long-range infrared and color night vision, a wired 4K system will help capture important details with lifelike authenticity.

PTZ security cameras

PTZ Cameras

A single PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) camera eliminates the need for multiple cameras since it can easily monitor larger or open areas on its own. These cameras can rapidly pan left to right, tilt up and down and in some instances, rotate a full 360°. They also come equipped with optical zoom lenses to help you focus on a specific area in fantastic detail. Many PTZ cameras come with preset viewing tours or can be fully customized with user-defined patterns to maximize your coverage area.

Varifocal zoom lens cameras

Varifocal (Zoom) Cameras

See more details without losing the image quality. Cameras equipped with a varifocal zoom lens can easily zoom in and out without compromising the image. This powerful zoom allows you to control the camera's field of view and focus on specific areas with accuracy, so you never miss out on relevant details in a crowded scene or wider space. This can all be done straight from your smartphone or tablet.

Varifocal zoom lens cameras

Thermal Temperature Monitoring Solutions

Everything, be it natural or manmade, generates infrared thermal energy. The hotter something is the more thermal energy it emits. Thermal cameras construct images from these minute differences. When it comes to security, thermal cameras can be used in a lot of places, such as warehouses, large or small businesses, office buildings, hospitals, airports, and so on. They are excellent at seeing elevated body and machinary temperatures, as well as detecting moving heat signatures.

small business security camera solutions

Lorex Small Business Security Camera Solutions

Being a small business owner isn't any easier than owning a larger one. There's still a lot to think about: managing employees, balancing finances, purchasing supplies, preventing theft - the list goes on. It's still a 24/7 job that often requires juggling multiple responsibilities at the same time. Take some of the stress off your shoulders by investing in a Lorex security camera system, so you can focus on growing your business and keeping your customers happy.

Popular Small Business locations include:

small business security entrances and windows
Entranceways and

Keep an eye out on traffic flow around busy entranceways and large windows.

security cameras for cash registers safes
Cash Registers and
Locked Safes

Positioning a camera near the cash registers and safes will help keep track of your money.

retail security camera solutions
Low Visibility

Low visibility areas provide ample coverage for illicit activity, so a visibly placed camera will help deter thieves.

employee back room security camera solutions
Back Rooms /

Ensure your business operations are all up and running while protecting yourself from unwarranted theft.

Wired Security camera solutions - digital IP / MPX

Digital IP or MPX / Wireless Systems

Digital IP and MPX systems provide around-the-clock coverage, which is a welcome relief for busy business owners. Both are wired systems, which results in more efficient infrared and color night vision thanks to the constant source of power. Select models include two-way audio, vandal-proof exteriors, 4K resolution and more. MPX systems can also accommodate wireless cameras, so the need for extensive wiring is reduced and it's a great way to expand your security coverage.

small ptz dome security cameras

PTZ Dome Cameras

Like their larger counterparts, one PTZ dome camera can do the job of multiple cameras - and fewer cameras means less of a cost for you. The rapid pan-tilt-zoom movements coupled with continuous rotation makes these PTZ cameras a perfect solution for small business monitoring. They can quickly capture action as it happens, while also providing a powerful optical zoom that catches important details with perfect clarity.

IK10 vandal-proof security cameras

Vandal-Proof Cameras

If cameras need to be placed in easy-to-reach spots (such as near a cash register), then a vandal-proof camera is the way to go. These cameras are designed with extra durable aluminum exteriors that can withstand violent blows and aren't easy to take apart. Vandal-proof cameras can continue to function after repeated impacts and are well-suited for both indoor and outdoor surveillance.

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